Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updates from the Darrent Williams Murder Trial Via The Denver Post

Thanks to the Denver Post for the following information from the trial;
Sheppard, the prosecution's first witness, testified about what happened in the third-level VIP area of the nightclub, where Williams and his friends were celebrating. That group included current Bronco Brandon Marshall, and Marshall's cousin, Blair Clark. Sheppard said that Blair Clark shook and sprayed a bottle of champagne over the crowd at midnight, which started a confrontation between Clark and another man, whom Sheppard did not name.

"He was like, 'What's up with this (stuff) man," Sheppard said. Sheppard said Williams tried to diffuse the situation.

"Darrent approached him and said it was nothing like that, we was just partying," Sheppard said. As a verbal confrontation escalated and spilled outside, Williams was trying to get the Broncos, including Javon Walker, into a limousine.

"Darrent hops in the limo and then looks out the back window and sees his teammates out there. He doesn't want to just leave them out there like that," Sheppard said. "He was trying to break them up - 'You all are tripping, lets go home.' They still won't quit arguing. He was like, 'Forget it, whoever is riding with me, we're leaving."

Walker, who was on the team in 2006, and several of his female acquaintances were among the last people to join Williams' party in the limo before it left. Several minutes later, Sheppard said, is when the limo came under fire. "I hit the deck after the sixth or seventh shot," Sheppard said.

It wasn't until after the limo came to a stop after hopping a curb on Speer Boulevard and the unharmed passengers had climbed out that Sheppard realized Williams had been shot. Sheppard said he remembered seeing former Bronco Javon Walker with Williams. "Javon picked him up, he was like, 'Don't die on me. Don't die on me.' But D wasn't saying nothing," Sheppard said. "He was holding him like he was a baby." Sheppard said police arrived quickly and took the uninjured passengers from the limo to the police station while Williams and the two other victims were taken to the hospital.


Among the witnesses Levin said will testify is current Broncos star Brandon Marshall. Levin said Marshall and his cousin were involved in multiple verbal and physical confrontations with Clark and Clark's associates at and after a New Years Eve party. The defense has previously said Clark was nowhere near the limousine in which Williams was riding when he was shot. Clark's attorney will offer an opening statement soon.

Brandon Flowers, who was in the limo and was wounded in the shooting, has just taken the witness stand.


Witness/victim Brandon Flowers: "The music went on, we was driving, then we heard glass breaking and everyone got down. It was gun shots. First I heard the glass breaking. We all got down, looked around. I started feeling pain in my backside, so I knew I was shot."

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Witnesses Anderson and Jackson-Keeling again refused to testify and were taken back to jail. Won't return till Tuesday. Thursday's first witness is Nick Washington, a friend and business partner of Darrent Williams from Fort Worth. Nick Washington confirms testimony from Tuesday about confrontation inside and outside of club night of shooting. Washington has broken down in tears on witness stand when asked about the shooting of Williams.

The next witness is Shaniqua Dunn. She is an acquantaince of Willie Clark.

The next witness is Shaniqua Dunn. She is an acquantaince of Willie Clark.
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