Sunday, February 21, 2010

Q&A with Darrell Reid

A few days ago I tweeted Bronco Linebacker/Defensive End Darrell Reid and asked him to do an interview for us. He said he would do it and we exchanged a few emails. Here's Broncos Zone's Questions, and his Answers;

Broncos Zone: You spent 4 years with the Colts, and are coming off your first season with the Broncos. Who was your best buddy in Indy, and who have you 'clicked' with the best in Denver?

Darrell Reid: The Type Of Person I Am I Always Have A Couple Buddies. In Indy It Wuz Mostly The D-Line Freeney, Brock, Mathis & CB Hayden because we came in together.In Denver its about the same. LBs Dumerville, Woodyard, Davis & RB Buckhalter because we came in together and we clicked from the day we both signed here. But I'm cool with most of the guys. B-Marsh & I are actually pretty tight too

BZ: What is going through your mind right before a kickoff?
DR: Alotta Things. #1 Who The returner is back there and his tendencies, style and what type of returns his team likes to run with him back there. Next is what kind of alignment their return team is setup in and people who could possible TRY and block me. Last But Certainly not least what kick we have on. Once the ball is kicked, there's no time to think. Just react

BZ: How old were you when you starting playing football, and who was your favorite player growing up?

DR: I 1st started playing unorganized football around 10 yrs old next door to my grandmothers house growing up. I played organized at 12 Yrs old. I liked a lot of players growing up. But I loved the hitters. Loved the Dallas Cowboys

BZ: Since joining the Broncos you've quickly become a fan favorite, how do the Broncos' fans stack up against the Colts fans?

DR: The Broncos Fans R So Loyal And I Didn't Realize But The Broncos are the team of the midwest. Many states surrounding Colorado don't have professional teams and many of those people support the Broncos. So many different ethnicity's. Native Americans and Spanish. I love our fans. The Colts you have to remember has two sets of fans some of which still aren't over the move out of Baltimore. But there's no doubt that the city of Indianapolis bleeds blue.

BZ: What is your favorite music, movie, food, and video game?

DR: Favorite music is east coast hip hop. From commercial to underground to poetry. Jay-Z Big Pac Pun Big L Wu Rakim Dipset Lox Diddy Redman. I love hip hop. I really don't do favorites but I'm gonna try. Too many fav movies. ET, The Matrix, Boyz In Da Hood, School Daze, Amistad, Malcolm X. Favorite food is Usually made by my moms or my grandma. So many foods 2 name but homemade biscuits and rolls are at the top of the list. Also my g-mas sweets. Black walnut cookies are my favorite. If I had to pick a video game (even though I don't pay much) is NBA2K.

BZ: What is your relationship status?

DR: Right now I'm in a relationship. Sorry to disappoint any ladies out there.

BZ: What do you do when you are bored?

DR: When I'm Bored I Do 1 or all of 3 things: Listen to music, do a jigsaw puzzle, or my new crave Hop on Twitter and talk junk. Haha

BZ: Here's some questions submitted by a few of our fans on our facebook page:

James Owen wants to know who is the funniest player on the Broncos?

DR: The funniest player to me on the Broncos has to be my dawg Wood (Wesley Woodyard). But Ron Fields & DJ Williams are real funny too.
Barry Bach Wants to know what is the best thing to do in the off-season?

DR: 2 Things and they're polar opposites. Relax and work really hard. But you haveto take timeout for yourself and your family in between working your butt off getting ready for the next season

Bryan Douglass Asks, Who has a worse mouth, Brandon [Marshall] or Josh [McDaniels]?

DR: Contrary to popular belief most of the time my dawg Brandon is a more quiet guy that laughs and just jokes around with the guys.

Two more here from us;

BZ: "Wink", how's your relationship with him, and do you think the defense will be successful under him?

DR: I love Wink as a coach. He was one of the people who believed I could make the transition from DL to LB. He's also a coach who believes in puttin players in the best position to make plays. We have a great relationship. Our room (the LB room) is a very close-nit group and we have a lot of respect for each other and our different abilities. I think he and Coach McDaniels will work very well together and I expect our defense to be even better this season.

BZ: Broncos, predictions! How will you'all do this coming season?

DR: I don't really do predictions. But I'll say this. It isn't a successful season if we don't have a winning record. My goal for our team is double digit wins. That usually gets you in the playoffs

BZ: Thanks So much for your time, have a great off-season, get your knee all healed up, and good luck in 2010!
  • Darrell Reid recorded 24 Tackles, 4 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles in 2009.
  • He also was tied for second place in Special Teams tackles for the Broncos (10).
  • Follow him on twitter! @Footz95


James said...

Jon. Brother glad to see D-Reid came through with the interview. Great questions, great answers.

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Great post... nice to hear some Q&A's with the players and the coaches like this one. :-)

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Once in a lifetime thing

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Awesome interview.

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