Thursday, February 11, 2010

McNabb to Denver? "No truth" in that

ESPN broke a story earlier this week that the Broncos, Browns, and Bills contacted the Eagles on the status of Donavon McNabb. While all that makes for good headlines, the DenverPost is reporting that sources in Denver emphatically said there is "no truth" to reports describing Denver as a possible landing spot for McNabb. The 'Post went on to state that unless the Broncos, McNabb and Andy Reid are all liers Donavon will be the Eagles Quarterback in 2010.

There you have it folks, you can all calm down. Although the Broncos aren't going after McNabb,
Broncos' owner Pat Bowlen said in an interview that the Broncos are "hoping" to draft another Quarterback in the upcoming draft. Calm down Orton fans, he also stated that the team wanted to keep Orton as the starter.

"I want Kyle back," Bowlen said. "Orton is a good quarterback. I'd also like to think we might have the opportunity to draft a young quarterback, not necessarily to come in and play right away, but if you have the opportunity to draft somebody, that would be a plus for us."

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