Sunday, February 7, 2010

Predictions? You want predictions?

Ok, so my family and friends have been asking me my "somewhat professional" opinion and predictions today on the big game, so I figured that I would post them here.

First of all I think it's gonna be a great game! Congrats to both the Colts and the Saints!

You have not just the top two teams in the league battling it out for the title (isn't that the way it should be?) but you have the top two QB's leading their teams.

I also think the Saints will emerge victorious today! Here's why:

I believe in the New Orleans Saints! They have meant so much not just to the city of New Orleans, but to the entire Gulf States region. They symbolize everything that is RIGHT about New Orleans!

They have the most dangerous offense in the league. If you make one mistake, one missed assignment, one blown coverage it's a TD. The Colts MUST bring their defensive "A" game today to keep Drew Brees and that offense in check.

I don't believe that the Colts and Peyton Manning will be able to match score for score what the Saints can do.

For the DL of the Saints, they need to make sure their hands are up on every pass play. Look at what our Broncos forced Peyton into when we pressured him and put our hands in his face. He threw for 3 picks and we ALMOST ended up walking outta there with the upset of the year.

The "X" factor in all of this is two parts. The 1st is Reggie Bush, he can out run ANY DL and LB on the field, and most DB's won't be able to contain him coming out of the backfield. Look for Reggie to have a big game today. 2nd is the Saints "D". They need to play in their gaps, and stick to their game plan of putting pressure on Payton Manning. If they start worrying too much about Peyton's gyrations and audibles at the LOS, Peyton will beat them. Play your game, honor your game plan, and trust the guy on the left and right of you to do their job as well, and you will frustrate and force Peyton to make mistakes!

Finally, my brother, his wife and 4 kids reside in Lafayette, Louisiana, and although they're die-hard Bronco fans 1st and foremost, their adopted team are the Saints.

As the the team and fans of the New Orleans Saints say,

I believe in the New Orleans Saints and feel they'll leave Miami with the team's 1st Lombardi Trophy and more importantly they will give back to the Gulf States region the pride and continued strength to rebuild what Katrina took from them.

34-31 New Orleans
"Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints?"
As always, I welcome your thoughts!

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