Friday, February 5, 2010

“I would walk a thousand miles....."

Jon here, Broncos Zone is proud to announce James Owen as a contributor. He'll be like our Adam Schefter of Broncos Zone, with breaking news, and a post here and there. We look forward to many years of covering the Broncos along with James. Here is his first post:
I was raised in, what was then a "One Horse Town" called Parker. We had one stop light, one small market in town. Our church was an old Quonset hut that must have been built during WWII as our church.

Veto's Pizza just opened and was my first job the year before I left. Heck, Ponderosa High School wasn't built until 84-85 I think?

I was there from 1979 to 1986. I grew up watching Bronco games on TV. I remember how the only way people would make it from Monday thru Friday was because they knew that Sunday was coming. God forbid you had to live through the summers with no football....... I remember my dad working several jobs for our neighbors around their houses as a handyman, driving delivery trucks on the weekends and being too proud to tell his oldest son that he was working nights as a janitor at Northeast Elementary, just to be able to afford to keep our season tickets in the South Stands at the Old Mile High (may you rest in peace), because he loved taking his sons to games.

I remember going to those home games back then, and having it be such a family environment, yet those families would rather kill you and risk going away to the "big house" then let you talk bad about their Broncos let alone root for the opposing team. Heck the Broncos were part of your family.

Back then, it was the Broncos, yeah we had the Nuggets, but back then, heck, DU's basketball team would have probably beat the Nuggets. Now we have the Av’s, and the Rockies, and the Nuggets. We have INVESCO, and the Pepsi Center and Coors Field.

Well, I'm older now, live in Southern California, and have a wife, a kid and a house of my own, yet I still manage to go to a few games at the new stadium, and it just doesn't have the same small town charm that it used to. Seems like Denver has got a little trendy.

Sure I'll bring my son, Nick, to a game now and then, maybe in 2010 before the lockout (he's 8 now) but, it just won't be the same as when I was a kid. The passion of the fans, (and maybe the players, coaches and owner too?) it just isn't there anymore. Back then we had something to prove.......... now it seems we don't. It wasn’t about the money, or the lifestyle, or the “BLING”, social networking and the amount of followers you had on Twitter. It was then about winning and nothing else mattered.

Like the song goes from the Proclaimers....."I would walk a thousand miles....." to be able to have that small town atmosphere again.

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