Friday, May 28, 2010

Team Injury Update

Much thanks to the Denver Broncos PR for the following:

Head Coach Josh McDaniels addressed several injuries on Thursday.

On Brandon Stokley: “He’s got a minor deal with the shoulder and just kind of fell on the ground but hopefully he’ll be back out there.”

On Ryan Harris:“(He’s) good. We’re hopeful – and I don’t want to say an exact day or date – but hopefully (we will) see him out there soon. He’s doing well and we’re excited about getting him back out and I know he is too.”
On Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Ryan Harris all recovering from foot injuries: “At this point we’re going to err on the side of being real careful and not put them in a situation where (it’s) the last day of minicamp on June 13th and all of a sudden we have a foot injury. If there’s a guy who is borderline ready and not ready, we’re not going to push it. Really, we’ve told all the players August is the time we want you to be ready to go. If they are ready I think we’ll be excited to see them out there. They’re all taking a bunch of mental reps. They’re all in the film session and they’re all seeing the things were doing and getting all the information but hopefully everybody will be ready by August.”

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