Monday, May 24, 2010

Passing Camp continues, in windy conditions

After getting a long weekend break from "Voluntary" Passing Camp camp, the Broncos returned to Dove Valley today to continue where they left off.

Practice was anything but uneventful; Denver experienced gusts of wind from 45 to 70 miles per hour, having an effect on practice. A tree fell over during practice, while passes were often way overthrown. Kyle Orton was 2-7 in 7-on-7, Quinn was 2-5 with an interception, Tom Brandstater's only pass was intercepted, and Tebow's only pass attempt was completed.

The wind did aid the punters though. From the back of their own end zone they kicked them as far as 100 yards. Punters Britton Colquitt and A.J. Trapasso would have been setting records if it were in a game. Kicker Matt Prater also had some fun, kicking several of his attempts through the uprights and all the way over the top of the Dove Valley building.
“Growing up in Florida, with the hurricanes and all that stuff, I’ve gone out and kicked before storms come, and it wasn’t anything like this. This was constant,” said kicker Matt Prater, whose kicks in the crosswind occasionally curved at angles approaching 60 degrees. "Kicking that way was awful … Hopefully we don’t have a game like this, but if we do, I have experience.”
It's May, and Depth Charts don't exist, but the Broncos gave a little hint as what the offensive line-up may look like this fall. Tyler Polumbus, Seth Olsen, J.D. Walton, Chris Kuper and Zane Beadles (from left to right) were on the first team O-line. Spencer Larsen continued to play fullback, with Moreno in the backfield. Receivers Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Lloyd got some good playing time at WR with Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Brandon Stokley not participating. Thomas and Decker are recovering from injuries, and veteran Stokley has been known to get the occassional day off to address aches and pains. Eddie Royal was also a frequent target of passes during today's 7-on-7 periods.

Veteran Tight End Daniel Graham played TE with the first team, while Marquez Branson continued to get some time at fullback, and as pass-catching tight end.

The defense looked a lot different than it did last season, with newly signed Baraka Atkins joining Robert Ayers, Mario Haggan, and D.J. Williams as the linebackers. Le Kevin Smith, and new-comers Jamal Williams and Jarvis Green made up the defensive line, Justin Bannan was excused from practice for personal reasons. The secodary looked the same as it did last year, with Champ Bailey, Andre' Goodman, Brian Dawkins and Renaldo Hill playing with the first team. Second-year corner Alphonso Smith also played with the first team, in Denver's "nickel" package.

On his 24th Birthday, Tony Carter had a good practice, at one point intercepting Tom Brandstate's only pass, and returning it for a score.

View a video of the Sights and Sounds from Monday's Passing Camp pratice by clicking here.

*Editors Note, a nasty stomach virus I have prevented our coverage of today's practice from being up to par, apologies for that.*

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