Friday, May 21, 2010

The Broncos have plans for Brady Quinn

Last offseason, rumors went around that Josh McDaniels attempted to trade Jay Cutler for Brady Quinn. It never happened, and Cutler was shipped to Chicago, in exchange for Kyle Orton.
This offseason, Josh McDaniels again had a chance to trade for Brady Quinn, and this time it didn't fall through. When a coach targets and goes after a player in such a manner as McDaniels has, it shows the confidence he has in that player. The Broncos have plans for Quinn. I believe on opening day, he'll be ahead of Tim Tebow on the depth chart, either behind Orton, or as the starter.

Quinn has already made some solid strides in Denver, in his first practice with the team he impressed. The former Notre Dame stand-out is entering his fourth year in the League, and has a very impressive arm. He's also eager to learn, he was the last one off the practice field last Monday, (the Broncos first day of OTA's). He stayed behind working and talking with a few coaches.

With much attention given to Tebow's great personality, coachability, and pure mania, many have missed many of the same traits in Quinn. Brady has a winning attitude, and even better, a team first attitude. On Thursday, Quinn was on Les Shapiro and the Jim Armstrong's on 1510 AM radio show. He had some great things to say, regarding the playbook, and other topics.

Speaking of the playbook, that's an area Quinn has a slight advantage over Tebow. Brady Quinn's playbooks have been similar from Notre Dame (Charlie Weis) to Cleveland (Eric Mangini) to Denver (McDaniels), his offensive know-how keeps harking back to New England.
“When you look at the NFL in general, the scheme is a scheme. Teams just call it something different,” Quinn said. “In the end, there’s some little different wrinkles here and there. For the most part, it’s just called something different. No matter what offense you really come from — at least in the NFL — a lot of the stuff is pretty similar.”
I don't believe the Broncos brought in Brady to sit on the bench for the rest of his career. His time is coming, and it may be closer than many expect.

Sidenote: Today, Seventh round draft pick cornerback Syd’Quan Thompson and the Broncos agreeded on a four-year contract worth more than $1.2 million.

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