Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Around the web: Quinn isn't going anywhere

Rookie WR's Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker have quickly become good friends. Sometimes when adapting to the "foreign language" of NFL terminology, and the speed of the game, a Rookie struggles. So having a friend go through the process with you makes its that much easier. Such is the case for Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker.

At stores, Tim Tebow jerseys are going for about 80 bucks. While Brandon Marshall jerseys are going for under $10! Embroiderer Daniella Grieve is sewing 'Tebow' over Marshall, and selling the jerseys for about $30. If you want to save some big bucks on a Tebow jersey, you can contact her at (303) 421-6800.

Today, the 49ers extended the contract of star LB Patrick Willis for five years. The tackling machine will make $50 million with $29 million guaranteed. This is good news for Elvis Dumervil - who is looking for a new contract. Although it is unlikely Doom will get 50 Mill, Willis' contact extension gives Dumervil's agent some leverage in negotiations.

A little more news on Dumervil, reportedly, the Jaguars are showing interest in one of Denver's OLB/DE's. It could be Robert Ayers, Dumervil, Jarvis Moss, or somebody else. It's just a rumor, and most likely nothing will come of it. The Jags are also reportedly interested in Brady Quinn - cue the trade rumors. Over the past week I've heard and read a lot of articles about Brady Quinn, and possible trade rumors. One Bleacher Report writer even went as far as to say Quinn was the odd man out in Denver. That is so inaccurate I'm not even going to link back to the story. The Broncos have shot down those rumors, stating they will 'never' trade him. They also told Fox31's Josina Anderson that they "have no interest in letting go of Quinn".

Not only is Quinn not going anywhere, he is very much in the QB race going on in Dove Valley.
With Tebow's ballyhooed arrival and Orton's status as the returning starter, Quinn's offseason addition to the Broncos' roster has been pushed into the background. But he wants a shot to prove he can be the man. He declares himself healthy from a foot injury that put him on injured reserve to close the 2009 season with Cleveland. Quinn willdefinatly get a chance to prove himself in Denver.

Keeking with QB news,
John Elway is very supportive of Tim Tebow, and Josh McDaniels. "I think we have a great competitor so that gives us hope," Broncos Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway said of rookie quarterback Tim Tebow.

Denver Post writer Woody Paige says it's not fair to rip Tebow for his faith. I totally agree. He is a man that stands up for what he believes in. He'll also probably never get in a Night Club fight, or disrupt practice. Former QB Kurt Warner, who recently retired after three Super Bowl starts, Drew Brees, the MVP of Super Bowl XLIV, former Bronco Jason Elam, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford all openly shared their religious convictions, look where they are now. I'm totally with Woody on this and I seldom agree with him.

Over at MHR, Sayre Bedinger has a great post up about the Broncos strong depth in the secondary. You can read it here. The Broncos are very fortunate to have so much depth and longevity in the secondary, which will be key if the Broncos are to make a run at the AFC West title or even further.

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels will speak to students and their parents about living with asthma at Montbello High School from 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The Broncos have used up the draft picks they got via the Cutler trade from 2008. It's all said and done, and Denver comes away with starting quarterback Kyle Orton, outside linebacker Robert Ayers, first-round receiver Demaryius Thomas, third-round receiver Eric Decker, one-half of tight end Richard Quinn (Bears' draft pick plus one more to get him) and one-third of quarterback Tim Tebow (draft pick plus two more). On paper, the Broncos have a chance to make this the NFL's most significant blockbuster trade since 1989, when Jimmy Johnson used Herschel Walker to resurrect the Dallas Cowboys' franchise. I definitely approve of the trade now.

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