Monday, December 21, 2009

Sad excuse for 'More On The Game'

If you watched the game yesterday I'm sorry. Because I did and it practically destroyed my whole Christmas. If you didn't get to see the game and want to read about it, you can at Because all I'm going to do is vent.

Elvis Dumervil and the whole D-line, you fail! We played the Oakland Raiders and you didn't even get a sack till the 4th quarter! They got some pressure, especially Doom, but never wrapped up the quarterback and the Raiders moved the ball. It was horrific.
And O-line you get a big Fail. None of our backs had anywhere to go, At All.
And Knowshon Moreno! What's up with you? You played the Oakland Raiders and didn't even get 50 rushing yards!
And Josh McDaniels, you, you are now on my retard list. All NFL teams watch film before they play their next opponent. The Oakland Raiders watched film on the Broncos, and concluded this:

On first down they run up the middle with Moreno and get 1 or -3 yards. On second down Orton runs to the right then throws back across the field to Daniel Graham, Moreno, or maybe even Clady. Then, on 3rd and long the Broncos do a wide receiver screen. Sometimes they mix it up and do a slant to Marshall. MCDANIELS, YOUR PLAYCALLING YESTERDAY WAS RETARDED! When was the last time the Broncos threw the football when they were inside the 2 yard line? Answer: 2008. Another thing, why the heck use aging LaMont Jordan over a young, fresh, Peyton Hillis? The Broncos have so many questions. And lots of finger pointing. If you play Fantasy Football, draft Matt Prater, because the Broncos can't get into the end zone.

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