Friday, December 4, 2009

Sack Kings

Sunday, at halftime, the Chiefs will honor late linebacker Derrick Thomas in Arrowhead. He had 18 sacks in 22 career games vs. Denver. Growing up Elvis Dumervil looked up to Thomas as a role model. Doom, 'hopes he can pay tribute to Thomas on Sunday by putting together a memorable performance at Arrowhead Stadium, such as Thomas usually did whenever he graced the field for the Chiefs.'
“I thought he was kind of so-called undersized, playing the position that he was playing as a rusher at the time,” Dumervil said. “He was very explosive. He made big plays. He changed the game, getting off, the forced fumbles, the what — seven sacks in one game? He was a trend setter and he will always be remembered.”
It will be a great game not to be missed.

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