Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Less Bronco coverage from other blogs this season

The growing social network - twitter, was the barrier of bad news twice this week for Bronco fans.

It started on Monday when Frank Schwab, the Broncos Beat writer for the Colorado Springs Gazette, tweeted that the Gazette was dropping the Broncos Beat.

The next day Garrett Barnes of tweeted confirming Bronco Madness would be shutting it's doors, due to it becoming too much of a chore and no longer a hobby.

The news of losing two sources of Bronco coverage is really saddening to me - especially because I am so fond of both writers.
Frank has covered the Broncos for the past seven years, and really knows the NFL. He is an experienced writer with insightful blog posts. He is also very reader friendly, always answering (to an extent) every Bronco question asked via twitter, as well as answering my pesky messages on facebook inquiring of something Bronco-related. The Gazette has moved him to the Air Force Beat, and I'm sure he'll continue to have success if he does half as good a job he did covering the Broncos.

Garrett started Bronco Madness two years ago (2008), the same year I started this blog. At the time BM was just starting to get rolling while I was just starting up my own blog, than named DenverBroncosNewsByJon. Although my grammar, along with my spelling, was horrific--and that's not to say it still isn't, but I believe I have improved--Garrett somehow came across my blog and offered me a writing position on Bronco Madness. Itching to get more experience and get my work some publicity, I eagerly accepted. Looking back now, I can't understand why he kept me on as a contributor, just read some of my old posts and you'll understand. Garrett did let me stay with the blog though, and as time went by my writing skills have slowly improved, with much credit going to Mr. Barnes, my older sisters, my Mom, and my own reading of other writings. My last post on Bronco Madness I wrote last April (you can see it here), Garrett stopping posting in May. The site had a great run, and I'll always be appreciative to Garrett for giving me such an opportunity, and giving me tips to make this very blog better. I wish him all the best.

There is good some good news though, there are still some very reliable Bronco blogs out there, among them; MaxDenver, BroncoTalk, and MHR. We can't forget the Denver Post either, or the Broncos official site -

While it is sad to see these two Bronco blogs die, it gives us, and BroncoTalk-- a site I am now contributing too--all the more reason to step up our coverage of the Broncos and fill the gap. Training camp is drawing closer and closer and is sure to be an exciting one! Be sure to check back for extensive coverage over the next few weeks.

Photos from the Associated Press were used in this post.

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