Friday, August 13, 2010

Broncos prepare to face Bengals

The Broncos have been preparing for Sunday's preseason opener at Cincinnati, watching film of the Bengals and having the defense imitate the Bengals starting defense.

The Broncos starters will see a very limited role in the game, playing the first series and perhaps a little more. As the pre-season goes on, the starters will begin seeing more and more playing time.

Pre-season games don't count for anything, but a win is always nice. The games also give a chance to the younger players to adjust to the pro level, and earn their roster spots.

No matter the out come of the game, all highlights afterward will no doubt be steered toward rookie quarterback Tim Tebow, who will be playing in his first pro football game. As expected, Tebow is pretty excited. "I'm a pretty amped-up person and get hyped pretty easily, so I've always had to really try to stay calm before the storm and not get overhyped or too excited," Tebow said. "Most people listen to some type of music to get them going. I honestly listen to either soft country, Frank Sinatra, Christian, (Christian artist) Chris Tomlin, something like that. Usually calm music, just to try to relax. It's hard for me, but I try."

We'll have full coverage of the game, with updates throughout the game on our facebook and twitter pages, be sure to check back on Sunday! The game starts at 7:00 pm (ET).

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