Friday, December 9, 2011

Bears' linebackers confident about defending Tebow

A few weeks ago, the New York Jets will talking smack about the Broncos option offense and quarterback Tim Tebow leading up to their Week 11 game in Denver. From the linebackers to the defensive backs, it seemed like everybody had something to say about Tebow.

“We know what they’re doing," cornerback Darrelle Revis said in November. "And we feel comfortable in our game plan.” That week, Revis and the Jets lost to the Broncos by a score of 17-13 when Tebow lead the Broncos offense 95-yards for the game-winning score — on national television.

This week, the Chicago Bears are singing a similar tune.

"If we lost to Tebow, I would be freakin' pissed," said Bears linebacker Lance Briggs on Thursday before adding, "we’re going to have to stop that crap." Fellow linebacker Brian Urlacher noted that Tebow isn't as athletic as Michael Vick; Briggs added that Carolina's Cam Newton is much faster.

"It’s not a lot of adjusting for us,” said Urlacher. "Carolina ran a similar offense." In Week 4, the Bears defeated the 34-29 in overtime. Newton — the player that Chicago's defenders insist is much more explosive than Tebow — scored three touchdowns that day.

Several times this season, Tebow has tweeted a Bible reference prior to kickoff. This week, we suggest Proverbs 16:18.

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