Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Signature Moments In Broncos History: The Immaculate Deflection

As the lockout drags on, we thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of the signature moments in Broncos history. We'll continue the series over the next few days and weeks, if there are any moments you think we should include, just send us an email!

We almost did not include this play in our series because it was not a turning point for the Broncos franchise or Stokley's career. It was however one of the signature moments in Stokley's career and will never be forgotten among Broncos fans, so it made the cut.

The Denver Broncos opened the 2009 NFL season in Cincinnati against the Bengals in September. When it seemed the game was over -- Denver was on it's on 13 yard line with just one timeout left and down by one point with just 28 seconds left in the game -- then it happened.

The words of former CBS commentator Gus Johnson say it all, "Oh caught! Stokley! Down the sideline, can they catch him? Stokley! Wow!" You know the play by heart, but it never gets old:

Find our tribute video to Brandon Stokley on YouTube.

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Justin Kirscht said...

Sure WAS a Crazy play not to be Forgotten!