Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fans React To The Quarterback Situation

As has been previously touched on and speculated by yours truly, the Denver Broncos drafting a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft has become more and more of a realistic possibility.

So much so in fact, that today on Serious NFL Radio, it was predicted that Denver would trade quarterback Tim Tebow to the New England Patriots after the lockout has ended. The general belief is that Head Coach John Fox and Vice President of Football Operations John Elway are looking to hand pick their man, which is why so many have speculated that they'll do just that.

Yahoo! Sports writer Doug Farrar has the team selecting Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert second overall in the draft. There are also several other mocks coming out that have Denver selecting a quarterback in the first three rounds.

What do the fans think of all this?

"If they don't want him, they should trade him, give him a chance elsewhere. He won't succeed sitting on the bench," said George Murphy over twitter.

@JayDee711 acceded; "Send Tebow packing if it will give Denver more options. Send anybody you have to. I will still bleed Orange and Blue no matter what.

The logic of @BroncosForums was solid; "A lot of Broncos fans, not just Gator fans, have really caught Tebow fever. However, winning trumps a fever any day."

And then there are the Andrew Luck fans... "I dont believe they will get rid of Tebow. But I do believe that in next years draft they will do what they can to get Luck," said @BroncosFan619.

Of course, there is plenty of support for quarterback Tim Tebow among the fans, @deann16 providing a perfect example. "All I think is could we please give Tebow an actual chance at quarterback before throwing him out?"

In response to our tweet that Fox and Elway will do what they believe is best for the team and if drafting a quarterback will help them win more games so be it,
@Bejar15 tweeted: "On the flip side if Tebow succeeds elsewhere and we don't, what then?"

Chiming in on our facebook page, Mandi Pacheco summarized what many Bronco fans feel when she posted, "We need to focus on the major issues we have, which is defense!" It's hard to argue with that. However, Denver holds four of the top seventy picks in the draft so they'll have plenty of other opportunities after their first two picks - in which they may select a quarterback - to stockpile the defense.

In the end, the majority of Bronco fans are supportive of Tim Tebow and opposed to the idea of drafting a quarterback. In a recent poll, over 70% of voters said they were overwhelming opposed to Denver drafting a quarterback while less than 30% answered "If this is what Fox and Elway think is best for the team, I'm behind it."

The Broncos will do what they think is best for the team however, and they won't make decisions based off fan polling. The 2011 NFL Draft is just 23 days away and all fans can do now is wait and see what unfolds. This will get interesting, stick with us for continuous coverage of the draft and free agency (although the free agency period may be limited due to the lockout).


Captain_Crunch said...

I'm getting worried about this situation.. I can't believe!

areferee said...

Good job Jon. Articles like this help the Broncos cause. The more trade talk there is and the more speculation on the Broncos drafting a QB, strengthens our position. I have confidence that El FoxX and Company will do the right thing. Let 'em all speculate to their heart's content.

Chris said...

I feel like the talent in the draft at the qb position is lacking as compared to other yrs and the chances of drafting the next Manning, Brady or Brees are slim. None of the "experts" have any of the qbs in the top 10. If it was me I'd just wait it out til next yr, give Tebow a shot, if it doesn't work out then go after Luck with everything u got. Not like we would stand to lose too much anyway. I just can see trading in a developing qb with a yr of NFL experience for another qb who will be developmental and with no NFL experience. Especially with the intangebales and raw talent tebow already has.

James Patrick Owen said...

Here's the challenge I see with getting rid of Tebow this soon. 1st of all we gave up way too much to get him. 2nd of all if the fans were upset with the McDaniels regieme, now the lockout, what would happen to all the Bronco fans across the country who have spent millions and millions of dollars in Tebow/Bronco merchandise that is now worthless? I think it's too much of a PR nightmare to get rid of Tebow at this point.

Listen, I am a die hard Bronco fan just like the rest of you. But I don't care if we can get Andrew Luck next year, or Cam Newton or Blane Gabbart this year. NO ONE HAS THE HEART AND PASSION OF TEBOW. We have to give him a chance to prove he can succeed.

Which is why my belief is that this whole infatuation with these rookie QB's is simply a smoke screen to increase the value of the #2 pick. Give the teams picking #3 -#64 the impression that we are going to take their guy at #2 and they may offer a sweeter deal for the #2 pick. We need more help than one player can possibly give us, no matter what position he plays.