Monday, April 18, 2011

Amidst Lockout, Players Interact with Fans Through Social Media

The Denver Broncos' players have tried to treat this abnormal offseason as they would any other, by working out and preparing for the upcoming season (assuming there will be one). Staying in shape and being ready for the season is obviously a better choice than sitting around and expecting the lockout to infinitely drag out.

Broncos second year receiver Eric Decker has been working out with Arizona Cardinals wide out Larry Fitzgerald in Minneapolis, while many of the other players have been either working out alone or with a few teammates. "This thing could end at anytime and when it does I want to be ready, so I am training on my own just like I would always prepare," Broncos offensive guard Zane Beadles told us in March.

Treating this as a regular offseason by working out day in and day out, the players have also found some extra free time to catch up with friends and family, not to mention Broncos fans. There is perhaps no better example than fourth year wide receiver Eddie Royal.

A fan favorite ever since his rookie season, Royal has been holding several contests on his official facebook page and twitter account, @EddieRoyal19. He's also been keeping fans updated on his recovery from an offseason hip surgery; he seems to be coming along nicely.

Long-time Philadelphia Eagle fan favorite and current Broncos safety Brian Dawkins has also joined twitter (@BrianDawkins) and has been continuously interacting with his followers. He was even persuaded (by yours truly) to allow fellow Bronco Wesley Woodyard (@WoodDro59) to upload his hilarious spoof video of Dawkin's pre-game rituals.

Offensive lineman Zane Beadles, who is a good friend of the site, has also joined the twitterverse, @ZaneBeadles. Beadles joined the social networking site to keep in touch with fans during the lockout (some pressuing from his fellow offensive lineman to join the site also played a small role). Zane tweets on occasion and replies to many questions from fans, be sure to give him a follow.

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