Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Look at What's Ahead for Broncos Zone

Dating back to September of 2009, Broncos Zone has hosted 49,119 readers (36,105 of those hits unique) and is expected by the end of this month, to have surpassed 50,000 hits! Since last May, 42,244 readers have stumbled across us; the 50K mark is a huge milestone for the blog that we are excited about.

With readers from over nine different countries, the blog is rapidly starting to grow. Begun in June of 2008, social networking sites have helped Broncos Zone grow in popularity among Bronco fans across the country and the world. Our facebook page (that currently has over 1,650 fans from 19 different countries) is the blog's second most popular referring site (second only to Google). Another social networking site, Twitter, which we have been using since 2010, is our forth most popular referring site, directing over 1,000 readers to the site since May of 2010.

As we continue to grow, we have big plans for the future; we are again going to bring you extensive coverage of the Broncos 2011 NFL Draft this April, and shorty thereafter the blog will go under construction for a whole new look. We are also planning on attending the first week of the Broncos Training Camp again this August, bringing you coverage of practice complete with photographs and video highlights. Of course, unless a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the League Owners and Players Union is agreed upon tomorrow, there may not be a Training Camp or NFL season this fall. If a new CBA is reached, we'll be ready to bring you coverage of both the Broncos offseason and season.

The blog will be getting bigger and better over the next few months so stay tuned! All of us here at Broncos Zone, myself, Photographer/General Editor Krystal Heath and Contributors Bert Jan Brands and Garrert Barnes, sincerely appreciate your readership and support of Broncos Zone. We look forward to what the future holds, GB²!


areferee said...

Vous faites un travail merveilleux. Continuez votre bon travail. Vous avez mes meilleurs vœux et mes remerciements.

Jon said...

Appreciate the kind words! But what's your obsession with French?

areferee said...

Keeps Google busy...along with my brain.

areferee said...