Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Around the Web: Fox Says Broncos Will Win, Soon

On Wednesday, Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox said his goal is to get Denver back to a Championship.

"My job is to win games. That, I will promise you will happen. I can't put a number on it this first season, but I will promise you we'll be in the championship at some level very soon," Fox, in his first public address since he was hired in January, said at the annual breakfast to benefit the Boy Scouts of America.

NFL Draft prospect and LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson would like to help them get there.

“That would be wonderful to go there and help a veteran get over the hump and get a championship," said Peterson. "Champ has been in the game a long time and he's thirsty to win a championship. I would be more than happy to line up beside him and achieve that goal that he wants and that I want as well.”

Former New York Giants Running Back Tiki Barber has filed papers with the NFL to officially come out of retirement. The Giants still hold the rights to the 35-year old, but they are expected to let him go. ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter speculates that Denver could be a potential landing spot for Barber. That is pure specuation however, and it is more likely that Barber will sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (the team with his twin brother Ronde).

The Denver Broncos are one of the winningest franchises in the history of Professional Football. Yet, they are one of the least represented teams in the Pro Football Hall of Fame among the more successful teams. You can help get more into the Hall of Fame by emailing the HOF voters; for more, visit GetThemInTheHall.com.
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