Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The blog's in a predicament

The past few days, weeks and even months I've had little time and desire to keep the site updated, for many reasons - which I'll get to. As a result, interest in this blog has dropped drastically, along with the hits. So I'm considering (at least temporarily) terminating the blog (or at least updating it).

Most of the time I've had for blogging I've spent writing for - another great Bronco Blog that embraced me into their staff earlier this year. I've been extremely busy as well, and with so many other great sites and blogs out there (like BroncoTalk, MHR, BroncosStable, and MaxDenver), that do a great job of keeping fans up-to-date on everything Broncos, I frankly haven't felt the need to re-report Bronco news to you all.

I will however keep updating our Facebook page, which has been growing stronger since the day it was started. There's a great little community on the page and I'd love to keep it going. And of course if there's a huge uproar over the idea of this blog taking a bow (or perhaps nap) then I'll certainly reconsider - but the chances of that are unlikely.

So in conclusion, thank you all very much who have followed the blog, commented, and read my 'coverage' of our beloved Broncos! You can be sure to still find me blogging my heart over at BroncoTalk! A Mile High Salute to you all, Go Broncos!

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Anonymous said...

The Facebook page kills it and so does BroncoTalk. Keep up the good work, wherever it may be.