Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moreno could play Sunday, Bell would like to

Knowshon Moreno may be able to play Sunday, for the first time since the team's 31-14 win over the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2. Through the first two weeks of play, Moreno rushed 39 times for 111 yards while adding 5 receptions for 71 yards and two scores, before being sidelined by a hamstring injury.

Thursday, Moreno practiced on a limited basis, but there's no word yet if he'll be ready to go on Sunday. Tomorrow will most likely be the deciding factor; if he's able to again practice, he should be able to play Sunday; if he doesn't practice, he'll probably be ruled out against the Jets.

Even though he only managed 2.8 yards a carry, the Broncos rushing attack, and offense, would really love to have Moreno back, as would the fans. It seems not one fan has been satisfied with the performance of Moreno's fill-in, Laurence Maroney. Neither has former Bronco running back Tatum Bell. Bell, a 29-year old free-agent who was drafted by the Broncos in 2004, spent two stints with the Broncos, his latest in 2008, and has since been out of football. Still living in Denver, and apparently in good shape, Bell wants another shot with the Broncos. Earlier today Bell tweeted:
@BroncoTalk mannn they [The Broncos] just need to give me a workout and let me take over.
It's not the first time Bell has made such statements, last Sunday Bell tweeted Fox31 reporter Josina Anderson; "Man they [The Broncos] need me[,] only 39 rushing [yards] cmon now." The fans seem to agree. The general consensus is, Hey, he couldn't be any worse than what the Broncos rushing attack has been.

With the lowest ranked rushing attack in the League, the Broncos could sure use either Bell or Moreno on Sunday. Stay tuned.

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tstarr17 said...

bell was drafted by us in 2004. not 06 lol

Firdous E. Bareen said...

How on Earth would Bell help? The guy gets touched and immediately goes down. With all the defenders penetrating the backfield, we'd do worse with him.

Knowshom at least has the ability to make people miss.