Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fox wisely reiterates that Orton is the starter

On Thursday in Indianapolis, the Denver Broncos Head Coach met with the media prior to the 2011 NFL Combine. Discussing a wide range of topics, some of what Fox highlighted was;
  • Denver's base defense is going to be a 4-3, and former linebackers Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers will be moved to defensive end.
  • The team's goal is to win the Super Bowl this year and they believed signing cornerback Champ Bailey was a step in the right direction to make that happen.

  • He also noted that the quarterbacks are going to compete for the starting job and any one of them could win it -- even Brady Quinn.
Reiterating what Vice President of Football Operations John Elway said earlier this month, Fox noted that if the season started today, Kyle Orton would be the starter.

Fox reiterates that Orton is the starter now, but as for the season, "I can't predict (who starts) Week 1. That's why I say, 'today.'"

Make no mistake, Elway and Fox know what they are doing. If Orton is playing well and the team is winning, why not start him? If he starts to struggle they have Tebow right there ready to go.

Both quarterbacks will also benefit from Orton being the starter. There's not a Bronco fan in the country that doesn't know how competitive Tebow is, and he'll do everything in his power to win the starting job back. The same goes for Orton as well. With Tebow nipping at his ankles, Kyle will be forced to play at a high level to keep his job.

It should also be noted that this will keep Orton's trade value at a high level, just in case Denver does have any intentions of possibly trading him. You can't get as much in a trade for a backup quarterback as you could for your starter, and that's a fact.

In conclusion, be not dismayed, Broncos Country. For now, Kyle Orton is the Broncos starter -- and that's a good thing.


areferee said...

You got it!

Deano said...

Tebow can win it with the work that he will put in and already probably is putting it. I think alot of what Elway and Fox say is posturing to raise or save Orton's value. If no CBA is worked out, then Orton will be on the team for sure, because his off-season value will never be able to be evaluated. With no free agency and trades of players for draft picks, we better do our homework on the draft. That is all teams will be focusing on without the ability to pick of free agents or trade players for picks in this or any years draft. So look for teams to have there most thorough draft in years. Also I think it is odd that if Orton is the starter, that Tebow has met with and talk to Fox and Orton says that he has not talked to Fox. Kinda strange for the "starter" to not be in contact at all with the new coach.